New Beginnings

New Beginnings


As we are slowly upgrading our whole network in every aspect, we are happy to let you know one of these aspects, building, has finally been completed.

Our new hub has been weeks in the making as it was harder to get this sort of style without going over the top and ending up with a Halloween theme outright.

What does the hub have?

The hub includes an area (front) with all NPCs that lead to our different servers. Currently, there are 2 NPCs for our Fable and Earth SMP servers.

The left and right portals will lead to other servers or event areas. It has not fully been decided yet, but we had it included as we want to be open to ideas from you guys.

New Website

As promised, we now have a functional and professional website for you guys. We have gone with the meta and fully converted it to a blog-style site rather than the traditional forum site that many older servers use.

What is better?

A lot of things are much more improved than the old-style of sites. Our new site is much more lightweight and responsive. Additionally, the design is more appealing to the eye, and everything is in one place with one click.

What about support?

Traditionally with old forum sites, support is held within the forum; with this new change, we had shifted towards Discord. It is more organized and seamless as you and the individual were on the platform anyways.

You can find our Discord over at We will be getting an email setup soon for support as well.